The Action Trackcutter

Cut the cable and go anywhere you want or need! You're no longer stuck in one arena.

Your training tool for optimum performance and results:

  • With the ability to guide the Trackcutter via a wireless control you can more realistically mimic the moves of a live calf.
  • Three dimensional operation that mimics the actual calf.
  • Go anywhere, anytime training tool that you can easily move from arena to arena, works in any size arena, indoors or out.
  • 10 different speed settings allow you to work with any level of cutting horse.
  • Ability to operate in any weather condition.
  • Whisper quiet electric DC motors.
  • Reduce your live cattle costs.
  • Rugged and dependable.

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Action Trackcutter, Horse cutting
Action Trackcutter, Horse cutting training cow


  • Powerful 24 volt electric drive system with 200 amp hour battery capacity
  • Track drive system for rugged stability and excellent traction
  • 24" wide – 38" long -- 27 1/2" High
  • Trackcutter weight 315 lbs.
  • Battery charger included
  • Offers 3.5" of ground clearance to provide a lower center of gravity