Action Trackbot® RX-1

Offers 8" of ground clearance for the most rugged of terrain

For use anywhere and anytime you need the:

  • Power to pull and push
  • Traction to get you through most any tough environment
  • Ability to operate in any weather condition
  • Ability to operate in hazardous environments

Purchase our platform or let us customize it to meet your unique and specific needs. We offer both wired and wireless platforms.

The Action Trackbot® can Push-it, Pull-it, Haul-it and Conquer-it !!!

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  • Powerful 24 volt electric drive system with 200 amp hour battery capacity
  • Select controller functions that can provide up to 10 forward and reverse speeds
  • Track drive system for rugged stability and excellent traction
  • 32” wide – 39” long -- 22“ High
  • Trackbot® weight 375 lbs.
  • Battery charger included