The Action Trackbot

Our Platform, Your System

The Action Trackbot will provide years of stable, low maintenance service in tough environments. Basically, your only daily maintenance will be plugging in the charger. There are no grease zerks, chains, pulleys, or sprockets. Our direct drive track system will get you where you want to go.

At Action Manufacturing, producer of the Action Trackbot we build Tracked mobility. As the manufacturer, Action Manufacturing has the production capability to design and produce an effective tool for your company. We supply the mobility to transport your electronics.

Uses for our Platforms

  • RC-1 - Remote controlled target for long range shooting, Hand gunning, Hunting/sporting applications, defensive tactics.
  • RFX - Surveillance tools
  • RFX -Remote monitoring of solitary locations (example: missile sights)
  • RX-1 & RX-3 - Base for robotic arm
  • All Models - Military applications
  • All Models - Bomb disposal
  • RX-1 & RX-3 - Heavy load carrier
  • All Models - Fire department and Law enforcement tool
  • RFX, RX-1, and RX-3 First response to dangerous situations, entering a hazardous environment
  • RFX, RX-1, and RX-3 Add your electronics to our mobile base